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It all starts in Jerusalem new.jpg

'It all starts in Jerusalem'

Mat Hussain

2nd May 2021

Acts  1:1-9


'Servants of the gospel'

Mat Hussain

9th May 2021

Phil. 1:1-11


'Partners in the gospel'

Mat Hussain

16th May 2021

Phil. 1:1-11



Stuart Rankin

23rd May 2021

Mark 10:46-52

AA Sunday 30th May Noah title.jpg

Making a difference: Noah

AA Team

30th May 2021

Genesis 7:1-5

'Confidence in the Gospel

Mat Hussain

6th June 2021

Phil. 1:12-14

'Valuing the truth of the Gospel

Mat Hussain

13th June 2021

Phil. 1:15-18

'Living for the Gospel

Joshua Hussain

20th June 2021

Phil. 1:15-26


AA Team

27th June 2021

Ruth 1:15-22