November Messy Church

9th November 2014

God cares about how we feel

Messy church this month was all about Lazarus in John 11.  He was Mary and Martha’s brother who became ill and died.

Jesus came to his tomb and commanded he come out!!  He did!!

When Lazarus died his sisters were very sad.  We made a banner with faces of ourselves and a display of how we were feeling. 







His body was put in a tomb – here’s a tomb disguised as a Wendy house.  It’s dark in there.


Jesus told them to take away the stone from the tomb – Martha said “After four days he will smell”!!    

Us checking smells in little bottles – Craig recognised the most.

When a body was buried it was wrapped up in tight bandages like a mummy. 

Mostly it was bandages … or was it toilet paper??









Jesus loved Lazarus and called him out from tomb – just like a Teddy from a bin liner!! 

Mary finished off by telling us story about how she felt when her mum died, and reminded us that like Jesus loved Lazarus, God loves us, and cares for us however we feel.


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