Covid Safeguards

As we begin 'In-person' services again, we want our visitors to feel welcome and safe as we navigate our way to some semblance of normality whilst accepting that the Covid pandemic is far from over.  

The following are a list of guidelines that we hope you will find helpful as you join us.

  • ONE WAY:  We will be operating a one-way system in the church.  Please follow the signs.

  • REGISTRATION: Whilst you won't need to book ahead of time, please can you either sign in or use the NHS Test and trace app.

  • SANITISE:  Please sanitise your hands on entering the building.

  • LANYARDS: As you enter the building there will be some lanyards available, should you wish to use them.  The RED ones indicate that you are keeping your distance physically, the ORANGE one will indicate you are happy to talk but no physical contact and NO lanyard indicates that you are happy with hugs and high-fives.

  • MASKS: These are not mandatory, but please feel free to wear one should you wish.

  • TOILETS: These will be available.  Please use sanitiser before and after.

  • REFRESHMENTS: Unfortunately, we are unable to serve these at the moment.